Dacoda CMS solutions for your media website

We at Dacoda understand the pressures and demands when maintaining a media website. You need to edit its content efficiently and swiftly. Dacoda website CMS allows you to do that. Our software will let you:

  • Update and display information instantly, make it visible to your viewers in real time.
  • Generate a buzz, by enabling user comments within your uploaded content.
  • Upload and manage adverts: choose their location on your page and easily see how often the ad has been clicked on.
  • Build a relationship with your readers, and build an image for your company by creating and sending e-cards.
  • Distribute news immediately, via RSS to various networking and blog channels.

Customer Quotes

For the Blue Lagoon, the Internet has been the most important marketing and promotional tool. Dacoda has provided a flexible and reliable service since 2002, allowing our online store to grow, and become the most valuable source for distributing Blue Lagoon skin care products.

- Magnea Gudmundsdottir, Blue Lagoon