For you, and then some!

Your Dacoda CMS will come complete with all the features that your business requires, and more. All of these features will be fully maintained by our team of experts, for you.

Features of the Dacoda CMS:

Design & Publishing
•    Customisable design and branding
•    Manage web page content
•    WYSIWYG layout editor
•    Unique URL and company address
•    Addible Hyperlinks
•    Attachable PDF files

•    Full website hosting
•    Multiple administration accounts
•    Simple upload management
•    Detailed documentation

SEO & Marketing
•    Search engine optimised
•    High visibility within Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc
•    Customisable mailing lists and polls
•    Manage page advertisements
•    RSS web feed compatible

Compliance & Structure
•    Meets XHTML 1.0 web compliance set by W3C
•    Built using .NET 2.0 framework
•    Full AJAX, Javascript and HTML support
•    Compatible with multi browsers

Customer Quotes

For the Blue Lagoon, the Internet has been the most important marketing and promotional tool. Dacoda has provided a flexible and reliable service since 2002, allowing our online store to grow, and become the most valuable source for distributing Blue Lagoon skin care products.

- Magnea Gudmundsdottir, Blue Lagoon