Trade Council of Iceland

The Trade Council of Iceland helps Icelandic companies to export their products and services on the international marketplace. The council is comprised of business leaders from all sectors of the Icelandic economy. Dacoda designed four distinct websites functioning under the Trade Council of Iceland.


Deloitte is one of the largest professional services organisations in the world, with approximately 165,000 staff members across 140 countries. The group specialises in delivering, tax, audit, consulting and financial advisory services through its member firms. Dacoda designed Deloitte's Intranet with a uniquely designed virtual meeting room.

The Sudurnes Hospital & Health Center

The Sudurnes Hospital & Health Center is one of the largest health organisations in Iceland. It plays a central role in the health service of the capital area. Dacoda has helped the Sudurness Hospital to build a basic intranet and website, which allows for a smooth interface for their external visitors, and easy communication between staff members.

Customer Quotes

For the Blue Lagoon, the Internet has been the most important marketing and promotional tool. Dacoda has provided a flexible and reliable service since 2002, allowing our online store to grow, and become the most valuable source for distributing Blue Lagoon skin care products.

- Magnea Gudmundsdottir, Blue Lagoon